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Vista reliability monitor is not updating

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While Windows has long included administrator-oriented performance and reliability monitoring tools, they were never of much use to end-users, unless of course your idea of excitement is to watch line graphs update in real time.

With Windows Vista, that's all changed: A surprisingly interesting new tool called Reliability Monitor provides an ongoing snapshot of your PC's reliability, and this information is useful for troubleshooting regardless of what kind of user you are.

Reliability and Performance Monitor in Vista In Vista the Reliability Monitor was part of the Reliability and Performance Monitor utility.

Now it’s a separate utility in Windows 7 and located in a different spot in the OS.

Windows Vista introduced us to the Reliability and Performance Monitor utility to help keep track of hardware and software crashes.

It’s now a stand alone utility in Windows 7 and we will take a look at how to access and use it.

Higher numbers indicate better stability and reliability.

To see details on recorded events (the bottom part of the chart), click a day with at least one icon in line.

It doesn’t show other events like software installations.

Before the advent of Reliability Monitor, Windows users had few ways in which to accurately determine how well their PCs were performing.

Essentially, you would install the OS, a hardware device, or software application, or perhaps you would update the driver for an existing device.

Windows 7, 8, 8.1 and 10 users can skip this section and move here.

Windows Vista's System Stability Chart displays the computer's reliability index on scale from 0-10 (the top part of the chart).