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You feel fantastic about yourself and walk around like a proud peacock. Do not take the object of your affections to a grimy dive bar for your first date. Leaving out important information like “I’m married,” “I just robbed a bank and am on the lam,” or “I’m from the future” is a sure way to ensure a really ugly breakup. When it comes to your business, you need to deliver on what you promised. After the sale, the customer who knows, likes and trusts you is far more likely to buy from you again.

If you say you are going to provide 10 Q&A calls in your training program, that means you have to get on the phone 10 times. That’s how you build a business (or a romantic) relationship that lasts.

Dave Grant, a fee-only planner who runs Finance for Teachers in Cary, Ill., saw it happen to a fellow advisor at a firm where Grant once worked.

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I went to have a business lunch with a person from their organization prior to assuring their business, and he asked me about my dating life (this man is old enough to be my father). This is a huge account, so I don’t want to lose their business, and I feel pretty uncomfortable talking with my boss about it.Salespeople often talk about it as a lead-generating tactic used before the sale.Good salespeople know that a prospect needs to know, like and trust you before she’s willing to complete the sale. Some people just shouldn’t get romantically involved with each other.Unfortunately, according to psychologists, people often develop an attraction to those who manage an important part of their lives, be it health or finance. Any relationship in which one party has significant authority or control over the other’s well-being becomes compromised if it leaves the professional realm, say ethicists and other experts.