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You must be signed in as an administrator to be able to refresh Windows.

Refreshing a Windows To Go workspace is not supported.

The $Sys Reset folder is safe to delete if you like.

In some situations, you may find the port number or mail server address has changed once the new settings have been detected from the mail server, and the problem will resolve itself accordingly. I've used the original native web browser on Android 2.2 and it didn't have this problem. Simply show the already loaded pages in the other tabs. The tab reloads all over again, killing 15-30 seconds per tab every time, even for static pages. N/A Chrome version: 18.0.1025465 Channel: stable OS Version: 4.2.1; Nexus 10 Build/JOP40D I realize this may be part of the Android routine of putting processes in the background to save memory, but I see no reason why the page can't be cached and only reloaded if the Reload button is hit.gmail, amazon) but doesn't for some others (e.g. For the failing websites I tried we are falling back to reload (as opposed to history load which we try first) after Render View Impl::did Fail Provional Load() is called which is why we are loading from network.I will keep investigating to see why we are calling did Fail Provisional Load() in these cases.On the other hand, if you’re having login errors and problems checking for new email as well as sending, we have another solution which many users report to be successful.