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Here we have in a convenient nutshell the basic reasons behind the widely accepted dates for the Gospels.

Bart Ehrman explains he is not going into details here, and one can find in the literature more nuanced arguments for relative and other dates assigned to the gospels.

We will consider the internal and external evidences, as well as the date of the composition, and the area where Mark was located.

Proposed Author by Tradition: John Mark, who transcribed the teachings of Simon Peter, is traditionally held to be the author of the Second Gospel.

(Marcionites accused “orthodoxy” of interpolating Paul’s letters; the letters themselves warn of forgeries, and many scholars believe the Pastoral letters are forgeries.) But the point here is that Ehrman does supply the reasons, the evidence, for dating Paul the way most do.

Dating Mark Again with Mark’s gospel, Ehrman offers logical reasons, underlying evidence, for dating Mark after Paul, and some time from 70 c.e. He does not delineate the reasons here for believing Mark was written before the other gospels, and that is fine.

Generally, efforts to date Mark rely heavily on analyzing Mark 13 (which contains predictions of travails that will come in the future) in light of then-current events to date the entire text.

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Mark is far less focused on Jesus' days of teaching than he is on the Passion which takes up the majority of the works of Mark.

Smith Mark’s Gospel does not contain any specific dates for its contents or writing.[1] It is possible that Mark was written in stages (either because Mark himself wrote the Gospel over a number of years or because he incorporated passages that were written by someone else at an earlier time, or both).

There is a high degree of scholarly consensus that the Gospel of Mark was written in the 60s.

It would be too complex a discussion in this context, and it is enough that Ehrman has at least stated that there are “reasons” and it is not just a whimsy.

But the key point to notice is that Ehrman uses this relative date of Mark (relative to the other gospels) to assert that Ehrman is presenting the standard dating method found in most basic texts that treat the subject.